Watch this video to see how the Fibernetics Digital PBX will eliminate your phone system head-aches and satisfy your business needs. We will remove your expensive monthly phone bills and provide you with a reliable and cost-effective phone system solution with one low monthly fee.
We can help virtually all organizations across all industries. So whether you work in the automotive industry, a legal firm, a fast-food chain, a call centre, a private corporation, a government agency or anything in-between just tell us your needs and we can customize our solution to help you reduce your expenses and provide a substantial return on your investment.

Are you a growing company? We can help your growth strategy by providing a robust, scalable and fully supported communication system that is ready to expand when you are. And with a return on investment that can help stimulate your cash flow. In other words, the more you grow, the more you save! We will provide you with the features and tools that will integrate with your ongoing business development and our solution is customizable to continually meet your needs as your company evolves.

Are you an established organization that is seeking vertical or lateral expansion? We can significantly reduce your existing operating expenses through our telecommunications services and ensure that your costs are minimized while expanding your network. Our solution is powerful enough to conform to the demanding and specific needs of your current operations while versatile enough to adapt to any future additions you may have on the horizon.

Are you a mature/maturing business contemplating organizational re-alignment or on the verge of restructuring or downsizing? Our solution and its unique value offering can actually be integrated into the cost-saving strategies of your business. Our system can be utilized to increase your profit margin without the need for you to acquire unique new sales because it significantly decreases your current operating expenses. And in some cases this can be achieved without any capital expenditure.

Our solution is ideal for the small, medium or large business that is looking for real options to significantly decrease their operating expenses and help their business run more efficiently and more effectively. Our solution is simple, effective and reliable. So how can we help your business today?
Inspired Telecom was created to provide customer awareness of new and cutting edge technologies within the telecommunications industry and offer a select number of products and services from this industry that will provide true value for your business.

Our mission is to determine your business needs and provide solutions that will significantly reduce your operating expenses and optimize your business operations.

Our ongoing commitment is to expand our service offerings as your business needs change and evolve.