Advantages of an IP based business phone system.

An IP-PBX is a PBX phone system that uses IP (Internet Protocol) data networks to manage call switching, route calls and handle other messaging.

IP-PBX technology includes advanced communication features, like voicemail to email, but also provides scalability and the ability to connect to traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Service) lines, so there is no need to change carriers. An IP-PBX business phone system consists of one or more IP-Phones, an IP-PBX server and an optional VoIP gateway to connect to existing PSTN lines. The IP-PBX server functions in a similar manner as a hosted VoIP proxy server, but resides in most cases on premise: connecting SIP clients, being either soft phones or hardware-based IP-Phones. The IP-PBX server establishes a directory of registered IP-Phones and their corresponding SIP addresses and connects internal network (LAN) calls or routes outgoing calls either to a VoIP gateway or a VoIP service provider.

Ten advantages of an on- premise IP-PBX:

  • It uses your LAN

    An IP-PBX business phone system will reside on your network using your existing LAN (local area network). The PBX server is only a short distance away, so signalling distance and time (latency) is very short and does not depend on traveling over the Internet and other networks.
  • Lower operational costs over time

    In addition to taking advantage of lower cost VoIP routing, purchasing your own IP-PBX lowers costs over time. When using hosted VoIP the initial costs are most likely lower, but monthly subscription costs are ongoing and higher over time when compared to an IP-PBX. A business owned IP-PBX will usually result in lower averaged monthly operating costs especially for systems with a higher number of users.
  • Easier to configure and install than proprietary phone systems

    Proprietary phone systems can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate around their software to configure and install. An IP-PBX system will be much more familiar to computer savvy people, especially someone who has experience with networks.
  • Simpler Management

    The GUI of an IP-PBX will be much more user friendly than traditional PBXs. This allows for easier changes and additions.
  • Easy to move phones

    Because phones are IP based, they are like PCs, move them from one connection to another and they find home and connect right back up to the PBX server. No longer are the days when a simple phone move needs to have cross connects changed and phone technicians making a billable service call.
  • Unified Messaging

    Having the ability of receiving and listening to your messages from your Outlook inbox, along with PDFs of faxes increases communication and productivity. Integration with work applications, such a CRM packages can help business performance.
  • Branch offices

    can be added to an existing system and connected through an Internet connection. (Again lower cost, with the IP-phones being the major cost of the hardware needed.)
  • Remote Extensions

    employees can plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home to their Internet connection and be extension dialling.
  • Cost savings by connecting to VoIP providers via SIP trunking

    Using SIP trunking with an in house IP-PBX can connect to lower cost VoIP providers; reducing phone bills, especially long distance and International calls.
  • More choices

    Major companies that have built PBXs are now focused on IP connectivity, but even better are all the upstart companies that are building Asterisk IP-PBXs with lower prices and vendor neutral hardware.
Small to medium (SOHO) businesses are finding more often that their business presence can be from home or the office and keeping in touch with clients can become easier and more convenient with an Internet based Business Phone System.

Having an IP phone at home, as a VoIP PBX business extension, makes your home office an extension of the business office. A customer does not know where you are and by them dialling an extension from an attendant, listening to music while on hold, will be convinced that they have reached you in your business location's office. Having all those features of your office phone and being able to access those features is one of the benefits of a hosted PBX VoIP phone system. Deciding to forward your phone calls at a moment's notice, access your Voicemail and make unlimited long distance calls can go a long way to strengthening your business. A hosted VoIP PBX (Internet business phone system) can be a solution to many of today's complex communication needs at an amazingly low monthly affordable price.

Some of the benefits of an Internet Business Phone System (hosted PBX) solution are:

  • A substantial immediate cost savings

    Most of the equipment resides at the provider's location. There is no need to make a large expenditure for equipment. Having most of the equipment with the provider also allows for easy servicing and upgrading and at the provider's expense, not yours.
  • Buy or lease IP phones only as needed

    There is no need to commit to a "phone system with x number of phones", just get the amount you need now and add others later. This allows for you to adjust over time, saving upfront costs now.
  • Updates, new features and enhancements are all done by the service provider.

  • Support is provided by the service provider.

  • Better worker productivity

    Having all the features that a hosted PBX offers will allow workers, salespeople and staff to work more effectively. Remote workers can also reduce costs by lowering office space needs.

Business requirements have changed drastically in the last decade.

Call centers are now located over a vast geographic area, connected by VoIP connections. Salespeople work from home when not out on the road attending sales events or visiting clients. Tech support people do their jobs remotely, something that wasn't envisioned just 10 years ago. Small to medium sized businesses look to add an additional two or three locations, all with easy communication between them. And when they estimate their capital outlay they look to large savings on a PBX phone system by choosing an Internet business phone system (a hosted PBX).