Inspired Telecom's IP PBX features list

Local extensions

Fibernetics Digital PBX allows for any number of local extensions.

Auto Attendants

A Fibernetics Digital PBX allows for any number of Interactive Voice Response Auto Attendants.


Standard Voicemail Features include saving messages, forwarding messages, temporary greeting, message folders.

Voicemail Security Options by Extension

Specify the voicemail security option per extension. Options include - - None (no requirements); Extension (access voicemail only from your extension/set); Password (password required); Extension & Password (password required from your extension only).

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email – when callers leave you a voicemail Fibernetics Digital PBX can send you an email notification that you have a new message. Users can choose to include the voice message as an attachment to the email which they can listen to on a computer or smartphone.

Enhanced Voicemail Greeting Options *

Options for Voicemail Greetings include – announcement with extension number, announcement without extension number or no announcement where it will just beep and begin recording.

Visual Voicemail *

Allows individual users to access and manage their voicemail through the Fibernetics Digital PBX web interface. This also allows the user to visually select, play and delete voicemail messages.

Voicemail Operator Redirect

Allows the ability to specify for each extension where the call will go if a caller zero's out while in an individual's voicemail box. Example – Executive of a Company would like calls to go to their Executive Assistant if a caller were to enter his voicemail message and zero out rather than going to reception.

Find Me Follow Me

More than simply call forwarding, calls can be routed to multiple numbers simultaneously or in sequence -- office extension, home, cell. Wherever you are the call will find you.

Advanced Call Routing

Many advanced call flow options, including, forwarding calls to a group of extensions, or outside numbers.

Automatic Off-Line Forwarding

Incoming calls can be automatically forwarded to an alternate office, cell, home or other number in the event that the PBX is offline for any reason.

Call Groups

Group a number of extensions together as one destination -- useful for Sales Departments or other groups of people in your company that you may want to direct incoming calls to.

Call Queues

Allow inbound calls to a particular destination (i.e. Sales, Service) to queue up while waiting for an available staff member to take their call. Better than being on hold, better than going to voicemail or getting a busy tone. As soon as a staff member is available, the 'queued' call rings their phone.

Call Parking

Allows a person to put a call on hold on the PBX and have the call picked up at any other telephone set.


Allows a person to page through the speaker system on the handset. This can also be used to announce a parked call.


Allows the ability to "intercom" between phones rather than using the "paging" feature.

Overhead Paging *

Fibernetics Digital PBX is capable of integrating with overhead paging systems.

Call Transfers

(Attended and Blind) – Calls can be transferred directly to another extension (blind) or can ring the parties' extension and speak to the transferee first (attended).

Caller ID

Displays information about the caller on enabled handsets. Caller ID is made up of 2 components, Caller Number, and Caller Name. Fibernetics supports both on our PBX and phone sets.

Call Waiting

When a person is engaged on a call, and a second call comes through to the same extension, Fibernetics Digital PBX can play an audible beep to announce a 'call waiting' – the person has the ability to put the current call on hold and answer the new call.

Caller ID on Call Waiting

On properly equipped phones, Call waiting Caller ID will display on the handset.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

On properly equipped phones, prevents calls from ringing on an extension which has DND activated.

Remote or Roaming Extensions

Allows for remote staff to exist as a local extension on the Fibernetics Digital PBX using a "remote PBX".

Distributed (remote) Call Queue Agents

Allows for remote staff to be part of a call queue.

Time of Day Scheduling

Provides the option to schedule Auto Attendants and individual dialing rules. For instance, the company may have a live receptionist during the day and an Auto Attendant at night -- or an individual may want to ring their desk phone and cell phone simultaneously during the day, Monday to Friday, but go directly to voicemail at nights and weekends. You can set the actions by day and time via the schedule feature.

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Fibernetics Digital PBX allows for any number of unique telephone numbers on the same system. Every user can have their own direct line, bypassing a receptionist or Automated Attendant and ring directly to the extension, if desired.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

This feature allows for staff to call the PBX to utilize the companies' Digital PBX (and the PBX long distance rates) securely for making long distance calls. This can eliminate cell phone long distance charges.

DISA Caller ID Enhancement

This feature allows for the outbound Caller ID for DISA calls to be set to the Main Telephone number of the PBX, the phone number on which DISA calls are being called on (if different from the main number), or the Caller ID of the DISA caller (ie: cell phone #).

Dial by Name Directory

Fibernetics Digital PBX includes a Dial by Name Directory, which is setup simply by making sure that all of the extensions have an associated first name and last name.

Message Waiting Indicator (Visual)

Properly equipped phone sets have a flashing red light when an extension has a message waiting.

Message Waiting Indicator (Audio – stutter dial tone)

When a user picks up the phone they will hear a stutter dial tone if they have a message waiting.

Three - Way Calling

Allows you to join 3 callers together.

Conference Bridge

Fibernetics Digital PBX includes conference bridging. Allows for any number of callers to dial into and teleconference with a specific PIN code to join individual telephone conference 'rooms'.

Enhanced Conference Bridge *

Provides extensive moderator feature set including; listen only, leader role, Participant status view, mute/un-mute of participants, and the ability to disconnect any participant on a call. Any individual extension can moderate their own conference bridge room including new pin assignments and status view of their bridge.

Remote Call Pickup

Callers can 'pick-up' extension dialed calls which are forwarded to their cell phones, and transfer to other office or remote extensions from their cell phone.

Remote Office Support

PBX's can be deployed in Remote or Branch offices and integrated as part of the comprehensive Fibernetics Digital PBX solution.

Centralized PBX Management

Administrators can view and make changes on local and remote office Fibernetics PBXs.

Distinctive Ring Tones

Fibernetics Digital PBX can support multiple incoming phone numbers that can each be assigned its own distinctive ring tone.

Distinctive Ring on Transfer

When inbound calls are set to ring a "group" and a call is transferred, the receiving extension can ring with a ring type distinct from an inbound call.


Fibernetics includes e911 services, please refer to your Fibernetics services agreement.

Music on Hold

The PBX System is preconfigured with music on hold.

Live Call Detailed Records (CDR)

Provides the ability to view Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls (or both) per extension (or all extensions), for a specified time frame. This is available on the PBX interface in near-real time. Will detail the Time of the call, the Duration of the Call and the Amount billed to the call if Long Distance.

Call Restrictions

The administrator of the PBX can setup outbound call restrictions for each extension. Restrictions include local and/or long distance calling.

Lift to Talk

With this feature enabled, the phone will dial a specified extension when the handset is lifted off the set. Example - - set to dial Front Desk when handset lifted from set. This can also be used for a Door Phone function in a Main entrance of a company's building where they have a secured entrance.

Door Phone Interface

Allows the Fibernetics Digital PBX to connect to standard analog door phones and intercom systems.

Holiday/Alternate Auto Attendant Message

Allows you to pre-record Holiday or Alternate Greetings and Office Closures, and have the ability to toggle between the Holiday/Alternate Recording and the Normal Day-to-Day Auto Attendants recording.

LD Warning Message

Currently, the PBX System will complete a long distance call with or without dialing 1. If your business requires it, this feature can be enabled and callers would be required to dial 1 before a Long Distance call or they will be presented with a message advising them to do so (similar to a cell phone).

Dial Prefixes *

This optional configuration allows a company to dial a prefix (ie: 8 or 9) before the outgoing number to pass a specific company business name outbound as calling name. This is useful for companies which may run multiple businesses out of one location/PBX and want to send different calling names outbound.

Inbound Call ID Prefix *

This option allows the customer to insert a given prefix (several characters) into the inbound Caller ID based on the telephone number dialed by the caller. This feature is useful for customers that operate multiple businesses or departments out of one location each with distinct numbers. This allows the call recipient to identify based on the prefixed Caller ID which business or department was called and answer the call appropriately.

Exclusion of Extension(s) from the Company Directory *

The PBX system builds the Dial by Name Directory automatically from the extension name field on the extension configuration tab. This feature allows specific extensions to be excluded from the company directory (i.e. Lobby, Boardroom or if an Executive of a Company does not want to be included in the directory).