Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – High Speed Internet.

Commonly called DSL, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology used for high-speed Internet access.

ADSL typically supports data rates or speeds ranging from 1.59 to 9 Mbps (Megabits-per-second) download and 16 to 640 Kbps (Kilobits-per-second) upload. These speeds will vary based on your area.

Our High Speed ADSL Internet access service is delivered on a dedicated Dry-loop, includes a static IP and unlimited data usage, all for a competitive price. Speed and availability are based on your location.

Transmission System 1- Business T1 Dedicated Speed of 1.5 Mbps.

T1 lines are defined by their speed which is typically faster than ADSL. They provide a consistent connection speed of 1.5 Mbps. A T1 connection is also symmetrical which means it allows for both an upload and a download speed of 1.5 Mbps.

T1 lines are used by companies that need a reliable data connection with fast, consistent speed to support essential and mission-critical business activities.

Alternatively, T1 lines are used when there are no other available or cost-effective options.

Fibernetics Business T1 Internet provides a symmetrical, stable Internet bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps.

Ethernet over Cable - High Speed Internet.

Cable internet is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth broadband (also known as high speed) internet service to homes and businesses over your cable TV line.

Fibernetics Business Ethernet over Cable Internet access provides your business High Speed Internet with higher upload options and guaranteed access speeds, not "up to".

Services are available as 2 Mbps symmetrical or 10 Mbps & 50 Mbps with a 2 Mbps upload speed. Same great managed Internet bandwidth of our other services, but delivered over a cable connection to your location directly back to the Fibernetics network. This service also includes a static IP, cable modem and unlimited data usage.

Autonomous Network Aggregation – Combine Multiple Connections for More Speed and Back-up Reliability.

Autonomous Network Aggregation allows you to bond several types of internet connection for increased bandwidth and reliability.

This solution is ideal for companies that:

Have a slow DSL connection and want more speed

Want the speed of a T1 for their voice service and their budget won’t allow it

Want to add additional back-up and redundancy for their network in a cost-effective manner

Want more speed, reliability and voice quality than typical circuit bonding

Fibernetics ANA Service aggregates or combines several IP connections of various speeds and technology, provides a seamless failover between links, and can provide Quality of Service over the various available links for your voice and mission critical applications.

Ethernet – High Speed Internet.

Ethernet is the most widely-installed local area network (LAN) technology. A local area network consists of multiple computers connected together in a localized area such as a building using hardware and software. This type of network allows computers in the network to share data resources and an internet connection.

Fibernetics provides Ethernet services from 5 to1000 Mbps over a fiber optic connection to your business. This provides reliable, symmetrical bandwidth that can scale with your business.

ECo - Ethernet over Copper Internet Access.

Fibernetics Ethernet over Copper Internet access provides connection to the Internet at speeds of 2 to 40 Mbps bidirectional (both upload and download).

This solution, which is based on Ethernet over Copper technology, supplies greater service flexibility and efficiency in comparison to other traditional access technologies or bonded access services.

The bonded approach treats multiple lines as a unified connection, making it far more robust i.e. ‘business-class’ and delivers a symmetrical high bandwidth solution for Internet access.