The Fibernetics Group of Companies comprise one of Canada's fastest growing telecommunications companies. Fibernetics' rapid success has been leveraged by a marriage of established legacy systems with emerging internet protocol based technologies and underpinned by the unique experience of Fibernetics' founders, as pioneers of VoIP communications in Canada.

The history of Fibernetics is an exciting course which mirrors the evolution of next generation telecommunication platforms which are being adopted globally at an unprecedented rate. In 1997, Fibernetics founders executed what is believed to be Canada's very first commercially viable phone to phone communication service utilizing voice over internet protocol.

What was becoming apparent to Jody Schnarr, CEO of Fibernetics and John Stix, CMO, was that the internet carriage of telephone calls was a global solution to costly long distance calling rates and the abusive pricing strategies of the monopolistic enterprises.

The executive team also recognized an opportunity to deliver significant savings to consumers by the elimination of enormous marketing and advertising budgets. Instead the team relied on leveraging recognized brands and existing communications vehicles of established corporate entities to build its subscriber base through a revenue share model. Fibernetics was launched in 2002 and partnerships were established with recognized media partners enjoying measurable market share in Ontario. Media partners brought trusted brand awareness and advertising real estate in a fully scalable turnkey package while Fibernetics introduced an innovative new communication medium to the relationship. Fibernetics media partners include Torstar Digital, Metroland, Corus Entertainment, Chum Radio, CTVglobemedia, Canwest & Transcontinental Media.

Most recently Fibernetics has developed a proprietary digital PBX system which eliminates the cost of business phone lines. This phone system is easily integrated into a business's network and once installed delivers full PBX functionality normally associated with much more expensive systems. The PBX system is directly connected to the Fibernetics CLEC network which provides scalability, reliability and quality of service.

As the fibernetics Executive team looks to the future, it will continue to rely on core principles and unique approaches that have proved to generate solid year after year growth while maximizing profits.

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