Small Business phone system technology delivers so much more today than just a dial tone.

Today, a small business phone system is increasingly part of a converged network—an Internet Protocol (IP) network that seamlessly ties together voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.

A small business phone system on a converged network makes basic as well as sophisticated business communications more affordable, whether it's for a small business or a small office that's part of a larger company.

How an IP-Based Small Business Phone System Saves Money

  • With a small business phone system on an IP network, you have only one network to manage, which is less expensive and more efficient than managing separate networks.
  • A small business phone system saves your business money on long-distance charges, because you can use your data network to place calls both nationally and internationally at extremely low rates.
  • A small business phone system reduces the costs of moving or changing a phone extension.
  • You'll save time—and therefore money—when adding a new site or a new employee.

Other Benefits of a Small Business Phone System

  • Ease of use: for employees, an IP network-based phone system can be as easy to use as a traditional landline phone, yet offer far more features and capabilities.
  • Anywhere access: your communications/phone system is available to employees anywhere they have a broadband Internet connection. This helps employees be more productive and collaborate more easily, which in turn helps speed decision-making.
  • Improved customer service: having anywhere access to a communications/phone system allows you to serve customers better. Callers are less likely to get ensnared in voicemail menus or put on hold, which can help improve customer loyalty—and profits.
Phone service - including dial tone, transfer, hold, phone conferencing and other standard features - connected via your data network. Employees can transfer calls to anyone in the company, regardless of location, and remote employees have access to all phone services through a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the office.