We are the carrier and the ISP - we control the call path from start to finish - there is no hand off or 3rd party involved.

We can provide virtually any level of connectivity - from DSL to 100 MB Transparent LAN to MPLS - in all cases we are directly connected to the local loop provider, and provide multi- homed backbone.

The Customer Premises Appliance sits on the edge of the customer network. The device authenticates via a direct connection to the network level device, provides traffic shaping, and transcoding - allowing us to provide complete QoS.

Because we sit on the 'edge' of the network we have the visibility and can trouble-shoot issues directly - identifying any issues on the call path from the network end to the telephone endpoints.

End users can choose between full featured IP Phones, and/or the convenience of a soft-phone.


The Fibernetics Digital PBX provides a level of survivability unmatched in the industry. In fact, the Fibernetics Digital PBX provides a level of survivability and redundancy that is not available from any other provider at any price.

If a customer has a traditional PBX and their system or their voicemail goes 'down' they are without service until their interconnect is able to come on-site and fix the problem. If someone drives into a telephone pole and knocks out some wires, they are without service until Bell can come and fix the problem.

With the Fibernetics Digital PBX system, we can guarantee that their customers' calls will always be answered. If anything happens, we can make sure that their calls are answered by an auto attendant and calls can be automatically routed to offline numbers.

Fibernetics Digital PBX Intelligence lives at the Network Level

  • All Fibernetics POPs are located in Carrier Grade Facilities, with redundant builds to the PSTN, Internet, and Power.
  • Fibernetics Digital PBX Configurations are mirrored across servers located in POPs across the country - providing true geographical diversity.
  • Fibernetics Digital PBX constantly monitors state of client side device, including connectivity. Calls can be pre-configured to automatically forward to 'offline' numbers.


Eliminate long distance charges between branch offices
  • All sites can have a shared extension pool, allowing for 3 digit dialling between sites.
  • Multiple branches can be 'peered' together, providing local extension dialling between locations.
  • Call handling can automatically be forwarded from branch to branch in the event of local problems.
  • Extension pool can be shared across all sites, as can company dial by name directory.

Fibernetics is the phone system provider, the telephone long distance company and the internet service provider.

We have built a product, with a level of features included, that does not exist competitively anywhere, at any price. There are some competitive systems that have different sets of some of the included features of the Digital PBX, but none that offer all of these, and certainly none that do so and charge $0 per month for phone lines!

What this adds up to is a system that has more to offer, feature for feature, than any PBX on the market today, at any price – there is nothing on the market that competes feature for feature.